Shamans Hearth offers ordination as a Shamanic Minister through the Shamanic Ministers╩╗ Global Network based in Whittier, North Carolina. Completion of SHIP or the Priestess Process is required to be eligible for ordination.

The Shamanic Ministers╩╝ Global Network is a worldwide association of Shamanic Ministers ordained through the Venus Rising Association and some of her congregations. These ministers are trained to hold Shamanic Consciousness in Everyday Life and share the same commitment – that of supporting those we serve, members of our congregations, friends and family in embracing one basic concept central to the shamanic perspective. This concept is that the cycle of death and re-birth is a constant and that our lives become incredibly enriched when we consciously embrace this awareness rather than fight it. While individual Shamanic Ministers within this global network may use different tools to awaken shamanic awareness within those around them, all begin with this core understanding.

The Shamanic Ministers ordained through Shamans Hearth and Venus Rising have all demonstrated a desire to heal themselves of their own fear and resistance to the eternal cycles of change and to also assist others in the healing process. It is the belief of all involved in the Shamanic Ministers╩╝ Global Network that holding a deeply personal and creative relationship with these processes of change will help create a better world here on planet earth. Through right relationship with ourselves, our congregations, our friends, family and the earth itself, each of us can become the change we want to see in the world.

For more information on the Shamanic Ministers Global Network, go to www.shamanicbreathwork.org.